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Miracle Bread

10 oz | 285 g

Bread is the ultimate comfort food. Unfortunately, there’s little room for it in a healthy diet – until now! Miracle Bread is made with grain-free, carb-conscious ingredients. And it bakes (and tastes!) just like the real thing. So you can have your bread… and be well too!™

Use this versatile mix to make buns, baguettes, rolls, loaves, focaccia, French toast and more!

  • Paleo & Ketogenic
  • Grain & Gluten Free
  • 100% Non-GMO Ingredients
  • Package Yield: 1 Loaf, 2 Baguettes or 16 Dinner Rolls
  • 2g Net Carbs

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    “It’s a Miracle – I Can Enjoy All My Favorite Breads Again!”

    A warm slice of bread – toasted and kissed with a pat of melted butter – is one of life’s greatest culinary pleasures. But if you value your health (and a trim waistline) this simple pleasure is, unfortunately, off the menu…

    And that includes most gluten-free varieties, which are often made with high-glycemic ingredients and brown rice flour (which contains unsafe levels of arsenic).

    But we have GREAT news for bread lovers today!

    To satisfy our own cravings for delicious (and truly healthy) bread…

    Wellness Bakeries set out to create a grain-free, carb-conscious bread – that tastes just like the real thing. Over the years, we tested dozens of formulas. Frankly, many were flops… some were good… a few were great…

    …and ONE was clearly “The Best of the Best”!

    Introducing Miracle Bread – The World’s First Grain-Free & Ketogenic Bread Mix...
    That Tastes Like a Handcrafted Loaf from Your Local Bakery!

    Miracle Bread tastes so much like the bread you love, you'll never feel like you're missing out…

    • It rises like REAL bread
    • It fills your home with the nostalgic aroma of REAL bread
    • It has the same crusty-chewy goodness of REAL bread

    And because it’s made with functional, real-food ingredients, this divinely delicious (and nutritious) alternative has 86% fewer carbs than the average commercial bread!

    Miracle Bread stokes your metabolism and keeps you satisfied for hours!

    It is also up for any traditional preparation or occasion, so you can…

    Bring ALL Your Favorite Breads Back to the Table!

    Making a batch of Miracle Bread is quick and easy. The active time is about five minutes (with no kneading or bread machine required).

    And the real “miracle” is how versatile it can be…

    With a few variations, you can easily whip this one simple mix into:

    • Hearty Breakfast Breads
    • Sweet (and Carb-Conscious) Dessert Breads
    • Crusty-Chewy Dinner Breads
    • PLUS: Savory Sensations Too!

    And to make things easy, we created the FREE Miracle Bread Bakebook – with nearly two dozen blend-and-bake recipes for all your favorite breads!

    If you want to know how simple it can be (and everything you can make) click the Recipes Tab.

    Otherwise, scroll up to choose your option and add Miracle Bread to your pantry today!


    There's No Limit to What You Can Make with
    Miracle Bread The Heavenly Paleo & Keto Bread Mix that Does it All!

    Imagine biting into a crusty piece of garlic bread… sinking your teeth into dinner rolls slathered in butter… or indulging in a stack of French toast, topped with berries and drizzled with syrup…

    Now imagine enjoying these mouthwatering comfort foods, while still feeling energized, while maintaining healthy blood sugar… and without having to watch your waistline!

    With Miracle Bread, you can indulge in ALL your favorite breads – guilt free!

    And to show you what this versatile mix is capable of, we created a FREE recipe book, so you’ll never run short on ideas and inspiration…

    Inside the Miracle Bread Bakebook are nearly two dozen Quick & Easy Recipes to rival the best artisan breads you’ve ever tasted – all without a gram of grain and a just a few net carbs per serving!

    One Mix: Dozens of Delicious Breads!

    Inside, you’ll find recipes for…

    • Breakfast and dessert breads, including Decadent French Toast… Buttery Cinnamon Rolls… and Sticky Buns…
    • Hearty sandwich and dinner breads, like Rosemary Focaccia… sturdy Burger Buns… chewy French Bread… crusty Garlic Bread… "Rye" Bread… Grilled Cheese… Ciabatta… Boule…
    • PLUS: a range of savory sensations like… French Bread Pizza… Sausage Calzone… French Onion Soup… Bruschetta… garlic & parm Breadsticks… and more!

    This simple and versatile mix makes it downright easy to whip up 100% Paleo & Ketogenic versions of your favorite breads!

    Claim your FREE COPY of the Miracle Bread Bakebook!

    And be sure to add Miracle Bread to your pantry today!

    Easy Directions to Make Sandwich Bread

    You do not need a loaf pan to prepare this bread. You can easily make dinner rolls or buns on a flat cookie sheet. But for the best “Sandwich Loaf” please follow the simple instructions below…

    Yield: One 7.5 x 3.75” loaf (16 slices)

    You Will Need:

    • 1 package Miracle Bread Mix
    • 3 large eggs* (room temp)
    • 1 Tbsp. organic apple cider vinegar
    • 4 Tbsp. melted butter or coconut oil
    • 4 Tbsp. sour cream, plain yogurt or coconut cream
    • ½ cup water

    Preheat oven to 350°F. Grease loaf pan then line with parchment paper. In a mixing bowl, add the eggs, sour cream, vinegar, water and melted butter. Beat on medium speed to combine. Add Miracle Bread Mix and beat until combined. Scrape batter into pan. Transfer to preheated oven. Bake 40-45 minutes. To prevent over-browning, cover loosely with aluminum foil in the last 15 minutes. Leave bread in the pan for 15 minutes then transfer to a wire rack to cool.

    *For egg-free preparation and tips for the BEST results, claim your copy of the Miracle Bread Bakebook.


    Real Food Ingredients… Nothing Artificial!


    4.15 Average

    196 Reviews

    karen johannsen

    I love this bread. I eat it every day with my breakfast. It's tasty, with good texture and makes great toast. Easy to fix. By the time my oven has heated up I'm ready to put the bread in. Great product....and healthy.


    loved Miracle Bread, I made garlic bread with your recipe, sandwich bread and muffins, all delicious!


    I made muffins with the bread mix. They turned out very well. Other bread mixes that I have tried have fallen in the middle, but this did not fall.

    Kathleen Rasmussen

    Love this miracle bread! Makes me feel good knowing that I am eating something that is not harmful to my body and tastes good at the same time! It has the grain-free type of flours and no preservatives. Thank you for having this available to those of us who are serious about taking care of our bodies!

    Becky Bohnhoff

    Miracle Bread is delicious!! It was super easy to order, super easy to make and super delicious! I will definitely order more and try some other products. Wellness Bakeries is a company I trust!!


    Hi, Thank you for the opportunity to let you know about your products. My husband is diabetic that's why I tried your products. They are absolutely great and it is very tasty and it is filling. He no longer has sugar cravings. It has kept his blood sugar test well within the normal range. We are waiting to see his A1C test in 3 months. Because he sees a KETO Dr. who is also a pharmacist, she is very concerned about the chemicals that are used today. Your products are so easy to make, it doesn't take time to make them. Thank you, it has made my life much easier, that I enjoy baking now.

    Barbara Schnizlein

    So far I've made the pizza crust and a regular loaf of bread. Very yummy! I'm looking forward to making the dinner rolls next. 👍

    George Huse

    A good product will take some more time to try making the different breads.

    leslie servoss

    I love this bread. I have it for breakfast almost every morning.

    Donna Dugan

    Simple to make. Can use as side with salad but not to make a sandwich

    Sharon Chun

    Robert Robinson

    I’m staying away from gluten for my Parkinson’s and my wife is on a keto diet, so the bread, which is delicious, works for both of us.

    Cheri Stanley

    The mix is so easy to use as is the recipe on the back of the package. I modified the ingredients to turn it into a date/nut bread. Yummy!

    Carroll Schnabel

    I use Miracle Bread when I learned about it on line fitness course. I’m a huge bread addict! I went without grains, caffeine and sugar for 13 weeks. I had to have BREAD I made loaves of classic, French, “rye” and cinnamon rolls. They were very hardy and tasty. I had fun making them all. It's so much easier than making bread from scratch. I also tried the pizza and Miracle mix; made garlic knots yummy Thanks for this nut based mix.

    Paula Moore

    Roberta Hogan

    Taste really good. 😋 I feel good eating it. I'm glad there is a bread that's healthy.

    Stacia Cowan

    I am so glad I found this bread. I tried it toasted and it was excellent. Then I tried cold and it was still very good I can't wait to try some of the other recipes from the digital recipe book

    Tamara Hunt

    Love this bread. Have gone low carb, this is delicious and guilt free.

    Tamara Hunt

    I absolutely love this product!

    Sharon Chun

    I love the cinnamon rolls recipe. East to make with the Miracle Bread.

    Lori Prather

    I am living all the recipe ideas given. I made pumpkin bread recently and it was amazing.

    Carroll Schnabel

    I have gone through a life style change to improve my health and lost 30 pounds. That’s not the best part I no longer take any meds for diabetes or high blood pressure! I am still crave bread. I used your gluten free products to make “rye bread”, waffles and crackers. I made home made pizzas which my roommate devoured. She really never ate bread much. Thanks for helping us . Sincerely, Carroll Schnabel

    Becky Lege

    This is the best keto bread. It's moist and flavorful and very filling. I really enjoy being able to have a sandwich occasionally, or French toast or cinnamon bread.

    Mary Swenson

    I love miracle bread and I make a loaf every week. I have celiac disease as well as dairy intolerance so I need a bread that can accommodate my needs. Miracle bread is perfect! I can toast it and make sandwiches with it. I love the taste also. I’m afraid of ever running out of the mix so I order in bulk. My last order was two dozen mixes.

    Bonnie Phillips

    Prefer this in as muffin option more than the loaf of bread option but both very good!

    Cheri Stanley

    I cannot have dairy so I have substituted sweet potato to the recipe to make a great bread. I love this mix and how easy it is for me to make changes to the recipe on the back of the package.

    Robert Androsko

    It’s a very good product I’ll definitely be buying more in the near future.

    Barbara Romer

    Truly delicious. Easy to make.

    Barbara Romer

    It is so good. Still waiting for my cookbooks so I can try other things.

    Hey Barbara! We appreciate your support. You should have received the link to view and save your free Bakebooks in your Order Confirmation email. In any case, we will definitely have the link sent to you via email so you can get access. If you need help with anything else you can reach out to our customer support agents. Kim at Customer Support.

    Virginia Brown

    I love it, very easy to make the bread.