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Miracle Mix

12.4 oz | 350 g

Many all-purpose breakfast and baking mixes contain unhealthy ingredients that promote inflammation and raise blood sugar. Miracle Mix is different!

This natural, grain-free blend will stoke your metabolism and keep you full for hours. So, you can enjoy the delicious breakfasts and baked goods you crave – without the ingredients you don’t. Use Miracle Mix to create healthy and delicious pancakes and waffles, decadent desserts, savory sensations and more!

  • Keto & Paleo Friendly
  • Grain & Gluten Free
  • 100% Non-GMO Ingredients
  • Package Yield: 28 Waffles or Pancakes
  • 3g Net Carbs

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Miracle Mix – A Better Way to Start Your Day!
Introducing the World’s Healthiest All-Purpose Baking Blend

Do you enjoy decadent and delicious breakfasts like…

Tender pancakes, dotted with juicy blueberriessweet muffins, slathered with butterfluffy biscuits… chewy bagels… and crispy waffles with rich maple syrup?

Of course, we all do!

However, if you’ve given up grains or follow a low-carb, low-sugar diet, then most traditional breakfast favorites are off the menu.

And for good reason, when you consider these foods often contain ingredients that promote inflammation… plus, more carbs and sugar than the average dessert!

But what if you could still enjoy these foods, without a care for how they might affect your health… or your waistline? And what if these breakfast treats were not only irresistibly delicious… but nourishing too?

If you LOVE hearty comfort food breakfasts – and you value your health – we have GREAT news!

Enjoy the Breakfasts (and Baked Goods) You Crave…
Without the Ingredients You Don’t!

Miracle Mix is made with a unique blend of natural, real-food ingredients – plus the perfect amount of leavening. It’s rich in protein and healthy fats… and free from gluten, grains, beans, dairy and soy.

This nutrient-dense blend will stoke your metabolism and satisfy your cravings for hours!

Try just one taste of Pancakes made from Miracle Mix (directions are on the package) and you’ll be a convert for life! These babies are perfectly crisp on the outside… with a soft, yielding texture and melt-in-your mouth centers. Just the way pancakes ought to be!

And the Waffles rival the best you've ever tasted...

Plus, when you compare to a typical restaurant-style Belgian waffle, ours has nearly half the calories... 95% fewer carbohydrates... 93% less sugar... and 20% more protein!

We call this product Miracle Mix, because it felt like a miracle when we discovered the “Golden Ratio” of ingredients that make this formula work. But the real “miracle” is how many creations come from ONE simple mix!

Because it’s not just for making Pancakes & Waffles

Use this All-Purpose Keto & Paleo Blend to Make
Decadent Desserts, Nourishing Breakfasts & Savory Sensations Too!

There’s no limit to what you can make with this simple blend-and-bake mix.

With a few variations – and staple ingredients you already have in your kitchen – you can easily match the taste and texture of your favorite comfort foods… in carb-conscious, gluten free style!

And to make things easy, we created the FREE Miracle Mix Bakebook to satisfy your deepest cravings. Inside, you will find 40+ delicious recipes including:

  • Hearty Breakfasts & Brunches
  • Decadent & Delicious Desserts
  • Plus: Savory Sensations Too!

Every recipe is grain-free, gluten-free, rich in healthy fats and very low in carbs and sugar.

So even if you’re following a strict Paleo or Ketogenic diet, you can still enjoy ALL your favorite comfort foods. This could be your secret weapon to staying on track with your healthy diet!

What Will You Make with Miracle Mix?

The package directions for Pancakes & Waffles are simple and take just minutes to prepare. But with Miracle Mix, the possibilities are endless!

So, grab a bowl… pick up a whisk… tear open a package of Miracle Mix… and whip up something healthy and delicious for your family today!

If you want to know how simple it can be (and everything you can make) click the Recipes Tab.

Otherwise, scroll up to choose your option and add Miracle Mix to your pantry today!


“It's a Miracle… I Can Enjoy ALL My Favorite Foods Again!”

Miracle Mix was created as a gluten-free and carb-conscious Pancake & Waffle mix, so you can easily make hearty and healthy breakfasts… that taste just like the real thing!

Over the years, we’ve served these breakfast treats to the most discerning guests (plus thousands of happy customers) to rave reviews across the board!

The package directions are quick and easy. Simply mix a few ingredients in a bowl and dollop the batter onto a skillet or waffle iron (see the simple preparation instructions below).

But the true beauty is how versatile one simple blend-and-bake mix can be…

There's No Limit to What You Can Make with
Miracle Mix – All-Purpose Paleo & Keto Baking Blend!

We want you to enjoy the greatest use of our products. That’s why we’ve created FREE recipe books, so you’ll never run short on ideas and inspiration.

And in this case, the ideas are practically endless…

Inside the free Miracle Mix Bakebook are 45+ Quick & Easy Recipes to whip up 100% Paleo & Ketogenic versions of your comfort food favorites! 

You’ll find nourishing recipes for breakfast and brunch, including…

Southern-Style Biscuits… Sticky-Sweet Cinnamon Rolls… Fluffy “Buttermilk” Flapjacks… Parisian-Style French Toast… Blackberry Scones… Booze-Infused Banana Nut Bread… Blueberry Muffins… Lemon-Poppyseed Muffins… Chewy NY Bagels… English Muffins… Streusel Muffins… Crispy Biscotti… Buttery Belgian Waffles...

You’ll also discover sweet, decadent (and very low sugar) desserts, including…

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies… Paleo Blondies… Magic 7-Layer Bars… Pumpkin Spice Donuts… Chocolate Glazed Donuts… Pound Cake… Coffee Cake… Caramel Coconut Shortbreads… Keto "Apple" Hand Pies... Keto Cream Cheese Danish... Strawberry Shortcake… Nut Butter Cookies… Chocolate Mint Cookies… Chocolate Zucchini Bread… Blackberry Galette…

NOTE: There is NO sweetener in Miracle Mix. The dessert recipes call for Keto Sweet, our one-of-a-kind, zero-carb, natural sweetener blend – available here on the Wellness Bakeries website.

We also include a range of crusty-chewy breads and savory sensations like…    

Cheddar Soufflés… Sausage & Cheese Biscuits… Rosemary Focaccia… Pita Pockets… Tortillas… Chicken Pot Pie… Sausage & Cheese Biscuits… Cheese-y Soufflés… Keto Garlic Knots... French Quiche Lorraine... Bacon-Cheddar Scones… Jalapeno-Cheddar Muffins… Rosemary Cheddar Crackers… Pumpkin Bread... Paleo Zucchini Bread

You can make every one of these recipes with ONE simple mix and a few staple ingredients.

And because we use only the finest grain-free and low-glycemic ingredients, these delicious creations will shift your metabolism into drive… without weighing you down with carbs and sugar!

And for your convenience and optimal health…

Every Kitchen-Tested, Kid-Approved Recipe
Includes Complete Nutrition Information

We know how important it is to keep an eye on what you eat…

That’s why every recipe in the Miracle Mix Bakebook includes complete nutrition information… macronutrient ratios… and special diet compliance.

So, you'll know exactly what you're getting (and what you're not)!

Whether you’re looking for the perfect treat for a lazy weekend a quick grab-and-go breakfast on a busy workdaybiscuits to sop up a delicious dinner… or a decadent (and healthy) dessert to round out your meal

Miracle Mix makes whipping up your favorite treats easy… and guilt free!

Easy Directions to Make Pancakes & Waffles

Yield: 1 batch (8 pancakes)

You Will Need:

  • 1 cup Miracle Mix
  • 2 large organic eggs (room temperature)
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 tsp. oil (avocado or coconut)


For Waffles: Preheat and lightly grease a waffle iron or non-stick enamel pan over medium heat. In a medium bowl, mix eggs, water and oil. Add Miracle Mix and whisk until batter is smooth and pourable.

For Pancakes: Ladle 2 Tbsp. dollops into pre-heated pan. Cook on one side for about two minutes (until edges are dry). Flip and cook the other side until golden brown. For Waffles: Ladle batter onto waffle iron. Cook according to waffle iron instructions.


Real Food Ingredients… Nothing Artificial!


3.93 Average

142 Reviews

Mary Adams

Ordered before with several items liked them all and wanted more of the Miracle Mix its great for so many you can make almost anything with it. So I becoming back for more products you can't go wrong. Love my books just look thing up and something new to make.

Nancy Victory

I made pancakes with your mix, and not only did they taste good, but I felt energetic instead of sluggish afterward. What more could you want?

Dawn Thomas

Love this mix, especially for pancakes

Kathy Kaufman

Nita Heavilin

Love this Miracle Mix. Makes baking so easy and tasty.

Donna Braymer

The “Apple” pie recipe is absolutely delicious with Zucchini!!! Who would have thought that? This last time instead of small fried pies I made a whole apple pie!!! Delicious crust with your mix!!!!!

Oliver Davis

I’m enjoying your Miracle Mix product in all my baking and cooking. Great product you’ve established for better health. Thank you, Oliver Davis.

Sharon Chun

Josephine Manrique

Hi and thank you for this opportunity. I have truly enjoyed the ease of just measuring out the flour . To facilitate the measuring I put the contents in a dark well sealed container. I have made waffles, bread, English muffins and I have truly enjoyed them. The texture of the end product is slightly different then the regular breads. I have made bread for the family and friends, just to share my delight in the product. It is certainly filling, you almost can’t over eat. I add other ingredients to it like cheddar and Parmesan cheese. It toasts so evenly, I bought the 6 sexy package so I wouldn’t run out.


I enjoy Miracle Mix. I use it mostly for breakfast foods and for desserts!! Thank you.

Ora Davis

Since I cannot eat wheat products, I thought my days of having pancakes or waffles were done. I am so overjoyed that I am able to eat them again! Most of all, it is nice to know that there is something that is healthier for me.


I love your product. It gives me peace of mind to know I am using ingredients that are good for me and my family.

Cindy Walter



I enjoy this mix!

Cheri Stanley

I love the product and its versatility. I use it to make sweet potato pancakes which allows me to omit dairy products. My Goldendoodles love the results too!

Karen Williams

{original post} Sorry I haven't had a chance to try it because it's been too hot to bake. We had a cool day & then I realized I was out of yeast! So now back to waiting for a day cool enough to bake. Not sure if I can bake in my Air Fryer.... {update changed rating from 3 to 5} Well, it's finally cooled off enough to cook! I made the pancake recipe, as I planned to test them as a substitute for my usual thin bread for egg sandwiches. The recipe was a bit thick, so I added some water in order to spread the pancakes a bit thin (& I'm thinking they would even work for crepes!). We don't typically go for pancakes, but used to have potato cakes as a side - breakfast or dinner. I LOVE the low carb count & surprisingly they were quite filling - I didn't get hungry for several hours! I tested the first 2 w/ just ham & cheese & was quite pleased. They had the right texture & weren't overly chewy, as some keto breads I have tried. I let them air dry for a couple of hours, then refrigerated the rest to use as desired. I have recommended it to some friends on keto, and am waiting for a bagel/ donut pan to try to make some bagels.

Christine Andrade


Love this new way to bake without conventional flour products. So helpful.

Colleen gilroypilipie

Best low carb mixes yet

Mickie Abrahamson

I use Miracle mix for pancakes and crepes! It tastes great and cooks up really great! I will be using it to make some other yummy snacks real soon!!

Dennis Isherwood

First attempt, pancakes for two so I halved the recipe printed on the package. Resulting batter was not pourable so I added some water. Pancakes were quite thick and tasted good (not great). Next time I will be adding Maine blueberries for that added edge that I'm sure will put them in the Great column.

Louise Walters

I’m making the best pancakes ever! Keto friendly deliciousness for sure. Also using the Miracle mix for other recipes calling for almond flour first. Easy and delicious.... Haven’t tried the wonderful bread using Miracle mix yet, but going to soon. Thank you for this delightful treat!

Nancy Eaves

I bought this to try the baked "apple" hand pies, and met with mixed success. The zucchini filling was wonderful. The dough, however, was very difficult to work with, and very fragile. The taste was good, but it was a lot of work for six pies, which is what I got from the recipe. I'm going to try the garlic parmesan knots next, and look forward to my results.


Love it!!!!


I have not been home to bake much recently, but did manage to squeeze in a batch of cookies that were wonderfully delicious! I am looking forward to lots more baking this spring and will be back to review when I do!

Rosemary Lindsey

Crispy but a little dry. with enough butter and sugar free syrup, though, my waffles were perfect.


I have no idea how to use this mix! No recipes included...except pancakes.

Hey Judie! We appreciate your support. You should have received the link to view and save your free Bakebooks in your Order Confirmation email. In any case, we will definitely have the link sent to you via email so you can get access. If you need help with anything else you can reach out to our customer support agents. Kim at Customer Support.

Lessie Kozlik

This mix was so easy to use. I was able to make a batch of pancakes in a flash. They were very tasty.


Great stuff.

Esther Benedict