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Paleo Pizza Crust Mix

12.4 oz | 350 g

    Few foods have a more beloved history than pizza. But if you follow a grain-free diet, this old-world comfort food just isn’t on the menu – until now! Our authentic crust is ready in minutes with a taste that rivals your favorite pizzeria. So, gather friends and family (and your favorite toppings) because… Pizza Night is back!

    • Grain & Gluten Free
    • 100% Non-GMO Ingredients
    • Package Yield: Two 10” Pizzas
    • 5g Protein | 9g Net Carbs | 3g Fiber

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    Pizza Night is the World’s Most Popular Culinary Tradition…
    And Now You Can Enjoy Your Favorite “Pies” – Guilt Free!

    Do you enjoy a warm, savory slice of pizza, fresh from the oven… with delicious melted cheese… tangy tomato sauce… seasoned meats… all your favorite vegetables… and that crispy-chewy, golden crust?

    Who are we kidding?

    We all love pizza… and few of us can eat just ONE slice!

    Pizza is almost synonymous with good times. It’s what you eat when you sit down to watch the big game… when you have friends over… or when the whole family gets together for movie night.

    But if you follow a grain-free, low-carb diet, this old-world comfort food just isn’t on the menu…

    And unfortunately, most gluten-free crusts are even worse. They’re often made with high-glycemic ingredients and pack more carbs than the original. Or they simply don’t hold up… literally!

    That’s why we set on a mission to create a grain-free crust that rivals what you might find in a traditional pizza restaurant. And while it certainly wasn’t easy…

    After dozens (and dozens) of formulations, we finally succeeded!

    Introducing the World’s Best Tasting Grain-Free Pizza Crust!

    Made with a unique blend of real-food ingredients, our Paleo Pizza Crust Mix helps bring NY-style “pies” back to the table… without the health-harming ingredients found in most pizza crusts.

    Paleo Pizza Crust allows you to quickly create authentic, chewy crusts that are the perfect platform for all your favorite toppings.

    And you won’t believe the taste!

    We've fed our pizza crust to world-renowned chefs, pizza connoisseurs, children and Italian-food lovers alike. They all raved and not a single crumb was left!

    Gather family and friends and make a run for your favorite toppings, because Pizza Night is Back!


    With Paleo Pizza Crust Mix, You Can Enjoy
    Thin & Crispy NY-Style Pizza in Minutes!

    Paleo Pizza Crust Mix helps you bring your favorite pizzeria creations back to the table – without the grains, gluten and carbs in other crusts. Best of all, the prep is so easy, you can you can a pizza on the table in under 30 minutes!

    And to ensure you know all our secrets for baking the perfect crispy-chewy, golden crust – we created a FREE recipe book.

    Inside, the Paleo Pizza Bakebook, you will find recipes for six classic pizzas, including:

    • Margherita Pizza
    • Supreme Pizza
    • BBQ Chicken Pizza
    • White Pizza
    • Pesto Chicken Pizza
    • Keto Meat Lover’s Pizza

    Of course, it wouldn’t be the “pizza” we all know and love without cheese.

    Unfortunately, many of us need to avoid the melty, golden goodness of cheese due to intolerances, allergies, digestive issues… or simply the desire to stick to a strict Paleo diet.

    That’s why we also include delicious dairy-free cheese recipes for the three most common pizza cheeses, including Parmesan… Mozzarella… and Ricotta.

    You won’t believe how they taste (and melt) just like the real thing!

    Claim your FREE COPY of the Paleo Pizza Bakebook

    And be sure to add Paleo Pizza Crust Mix to your pantry today!

    Easy Directions for Paleo Pizza Crust

    Package Yield: Two 10” pizzas (12 servings)

    To Make: One 10” Pizza (6 servings)

    You Will Need:

    • 1¼ cup Paleo Pizza Crust Mix
    • ¼ cup water
    • 1 egg or “flax egg” *
    • 1 Tbsp. avocado oil or extra virgin olive oil


    Preheat oven to 425 F. Place a pizza stone in the oven to pre-heat (optional, but produces best results). Otherwise, use a greased pan. In a medium bowl, whisk water, oil and egg. Add measured amount of Paleo Pizza Crust Mix. Stir with a silicone spatula to form dough. Roll dough into a ball. Place dough ball on a piece of parchment paper or onto greased pan. Oil your hands to prevent sticking. Flatten dough into a circle of desired thickness and diameter. Carefully transfer to the pre-heated pizza stone. Bake without toppings until golden (6-8 minutes). Remove crust from oven and add toppings. Return to oven and continue baking to desired doneness.

    *EGG FREE PREPARATION: To create a “flax egg” combine 1 Tbsp. ground flax with 2½ Tbsp. water. Let stand 5 minutes.


    Real Food Ingredients… Nothing Artificial!


    4.55 Average

    53 Reviews

    Cindy Smith

    This pizza crust was very good. It was easy to make, it had a really good texture and flavor. I like it a lot, I will buy it again.

    Deborah Letschin

    Easy & delicious for low carb pizza 🍕


    Could be cooked a little less as the crust was pretty hard, though liked the crunchiness, will adjust next time

    Kathy Kaufman

    Love the Paleo Pizza Crust mix. The recipe is simple and allows me to once again have pizza and still be grain free! Thank you Wellness Bakery!

    Sharon Chun

    Carroll Schnabel

    Homemade Paleo Pizza is perfect for our life style we made nine months ago. The dough is low carb ( nut base) it is great classic thin crust or deep dish. We like the fresh onions, garlic and veggies added after the crust is baked. We use organic cheeses and fresh herbs. We love Italian food and have made garlic knots and sticks. FYI if you want your “breads “ to rise and be less grainy use the Pizza Crust mix and yeast . It has been fun to experiment and it has all been so good 😊

    Darcy Staudinger

    In 2019 my husband was diagnosed with rectal cancer. We changed our diet completely and paleo pizza crust is a major treat for us. We only eat pizza from miracle bread paleo pizza crust. It’s so delicious our favorite pizza now and share it with everyone we know. God has blessed us with so many amazing healthy options and your paleo pizza crust is one that we are very grateful for. Thank you… Ken and Darcy Staudinger

    Sharon Chun

    I love the flavor. I make them into individual sized rounds and eat them as bread.

    Cheri Stanley

    It is my go to for pizza, calzone and focaccia bread. I found If I don't Spread it too thin it makes a beautiful pizza crust. It is a treat I look forward to every couple of weeks!

    Christine Andrade

    Susan Roberts

    We love, love this!

    Rachel Staycheff

    I love this mix. I basically make it to use as crackers that I can eat. I sub gelatin eggs and it turns out great.


    It is good easy to make.

    Danielle Judson

    Best paleo pizza crust I have ever tasted!! I love this company!!

    Darcy Staudinger

    Hello and Thank you for the email The Pizza Crust is our favorite thank you so much. I do need to cancel the bread order however. We have too many packages of Miracle Bread mix so please cancel my Miracle bread but PLEASE keep the Paleo Pizza crust on our routine order. thank you Darcy Darcy Staudinger LMP CHFT CPT CMBT Tri Training and Massage Life is not a dress rehearsal, this is it.

    Hi Darcy, We're so happy that you are enjoying our mixes, we appreciate your feedback. Per your request, we canceled your subscription for Miracle Bread. Please let us know if there's anything else we can assist you with. Kim at Customer Support

    Anthony Sanchez

    I enjoyed the taste and texture of the Paleo Pizza Crust, but it made my blood sugar go way up. I eat low carb to control my blood sugar and your other products did not raise my blood sugar like the Pizza Crust did. I wish I could continue eating it, but unfortunately, I can not.

    Hi Anthony - thank you for your comments! Our Pizza Crust does have Brazilian arrowroot in the ingredients (a starch). While this product is still considered "low carb", it is not as low as our other products. We tested a lot of different pizza formulas, and those that are VERY low in carbs just don't perform (or taste) as good. That said, you can make an excellent pizza with our Miracle Bread mix that is very low in carbs. Here's a recipe:

    Linda McFail

    The taste is awesome

    Melissa Johns

    This pizza crust is great. It is a very sticky dough but if you almond flour your hands and roll it out on parchment paper that you can transfer to a baking sheet. The taste and texture is well worth the effort. Keto pizza is define!!

    Bryan Cortes

    By far the best keto pizza crust I've come across and the price is reasonable for those who are trying to stick to their diets but want to enjoy it also.

    Lorna Stirton

    Best pizza crust ever!! Easy to make and taste great.

    Lisa Lee

    Best GF pizza crust ever! I like it better than crusts WITH gluten!

    Loretta Franks

    loved everything about it even the price did not like the price for shipping and handling would love to buy again but only if I could find in stores and did not have to pay for shipping


    We love the fact that it’s keto/ paleo. Though the best part is the taste. It’s delicious. My husband says it’s the best crust he’s ever enjoyed ina pizza crust. Thank you!


    We LOVE this paleo pizza crust! At first it seemed too moist, but if you wait a little bit it thickens up and is easier to roll. Make sure you use some oil on the pan to spread it out.

    Valerie Stilipec

    We have really enjoyed the pizza mix. It is a different way of making it but it tastes fantastic. It has helped tremendously in eating healthy. Thank you for making this product. We have passed on the word about your products.

    Anna Piech

    Love this pizza crust.

    JJ Flizanes

    Love this crust! It’s perfect for when I crave pizza but don’t want all the carbs!

    richard craig

    Merry Christmas to everyone there, I eat Your bread every Day, and pizza every week, and a chocolate drink every Day. Thank You for Your awesome products

    Yunmi King

    Awesome mix - so tasty and love the texture.

    Debra Shiner

    A very good product. Easy to mix and taste was good.