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About Wellness Bakeries

Welcome to Our Kitchen...

We are Jon and Kelley Herring and we founded Wellness Bakeries in 2006.

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Our mission was to formulate and produce the healthiest and best-tasting gluten-free, low-glycemic, blend-and-bake mixes that allow you to make decadent desserts, chewy breads and nourishing breakfasts with just a few simple ingredients.

When we began, there were exceedingly few truly healthy baking mixes, made with real-food ingredients. Most people had not even heard the term “gluten free.” And it was virtually impossible to find baking products that were not packed with sugar… or even worse, harmful chemical sweeteners.

With our backgrounds in health research, nutritional biochemistry and recipe development we were familiar with a new crop of functional ingredients, rich in protein, antioxidants and fiber. We were experimenting with grain-free flours natural no-sugar sweeteners…and healthy slimming fats.

We knew that with the right formulations, we could transform these ingredients into sinfully delicious treats… that wouldn’t sour your health. The problem was that there was no guidebook (or even any recipes) to follow.

To simplify our quest, we set out to perfect just one classic dessert. We wanted to create the best tasting, healthiest chocolate cake ever baked.

For nearly a year, we tested formulas. We pored over food industry publications. We studied the scientific research. We talked to manufacturers. And we consulted with food scientists about how to use these ingredients in the proper ratios to achieve the perfect sweetness, texture, density and crumb.

Of course, we wanted our cake to be healthy. But we also wanted it to be luxuriously moist, sinfully sweet and just as decadent as what you might find in a fine restaurant. We refused to settle for anything less than extraordinary.

Finally, after dozens (and dozens) of formulations, we discovered the secrets to make it work. We knew that we had succeeded when we fed it to dessert connoisseurs, pastry chefs, children and chocolate-lovers alike…

They all raved and not a single crumb was left!

We called it Chocolate Bliss Cake and we wrote a letter about why we believed it was the best-tasting, healthiest chocolate cake ever baked. It became a word-of-mouth sensation and customers from around the country began placing orders.

Even our earliest and most loyal customers don’t know this, but our first production runs were made in a tiny cottage near the ocean in Delray Beach, Florida. It was so small that on production days, we had to move out the computers and electronics for all the dust.

In fact, the picture you see on this page was taken after our first production run. And by “production run” we mean a young husband and wife covered in baking dust and mixing ingredients by hand.

It wasn’t long before we started getting thank you notes… and requests to develop new products.

Over the years, we have added new products each year as we perfect new formulas. We’ve now created more than two dozen healthy and delicious mixes. And our business continues to grow, thanks to loyal customers like you!

In 2013, we moved to the Wasatch Mountains of Utah. Here we found a dream location in a beautiful valley beside a sapphire-blue lake and ringed on all sides by snow-capped peaks. We also discovered a charming historic building, which we carefully restored and now serves as the dedicated gluten-free headquarters of Wellness Bakeries.

Well, that’s our story…

We hope that you will enjoy each and every one of our uniquely delicious products as much as we have enjoyed creating them for you. We truly appreciate your support!

Here’s to having your cake… and staying well too!

From Our Kitchen to Yours,

Kelley & Jon