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Keto Sweet - Special Offer

14 oz | 397 g

    You already know too much sugar is bad for your health. Unfortunately, many alternatives are even worse. Keto Sweet is different!

    Made with a precise blend of natural sweeteners, it has a clean, sweet taste - without the calories, carbohydrates (or chemicals) found in other sweeteners. So, you can enjoy all the sweetness... with none of the guilt!

    • Paleo & Keto Friendly
    • 100% Non-GMO Ingredients
    • Package Yield: 133 Servings
    • 0g Sugar | 0 Calories | 0g Net Carbs

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    Real Food Ingredients… Nothing Artificial!



    Introducing Keto Sweet – Nature’s Superfood Sweetener
    Sweeten Your Life… Without Souring Your Health!

    You already know sugar is one of the worst ingredients for your health. Unfortunately, most sugar-free alternatives are even worse…

    Many commercial “zero-calorie” sweeteners use chemicals like sucralose and aspartame, which can disrupt hormonal balance, destroy friendly gut bacteria and cause a litany of health concerns.

    And even many so-called “natural” brands use maltodextrin – a substance with a higher glycemic impact than glucose itself! When you consider that this compound is used in lab research to promote weight gain – it should never be considered a healthy, slimming sweetener!

    But Keto Sweet is different…

    Made with a unique blend of superfood ingredients, Keto Sweet has:

    • Zero Calories
    • Zero Net Carbs
    • Zero Glycemic Impact

    The primary ingredient in Keto Sweet is non-GMO erythritol – a sugar alcohol that occurs naturally within a wide variety of plants, including pears, grapes, melons and mushrooms.

    It is also made within the human body – so it is instantly recognized as a natural compound.

    Erythritol has high digestive tolerance. It’s clinically proven to be tooth friendly. And studies show it can have a profound positive impact on vascular health (especially in those with blood sugar issues).

    And while erythritol has a very clean, sweet taste – it is only 70% as sweet as sugar. That’s why we also include two additional plant-based, sweeteners – stevia and monk fruit.

    The result is a great-tasting, natural sweetener you can use to sweeten your favorite beverages and makeover all your favorite desserts and treats. From rich and creamy ice cream… to cookies, cakes, pies and tarts… shakes, smoothies, hot drinks and more!

    This is the superfood sweetener you’ve been waiting for…

    So, scroll up, choose your options and add Keto Sweet to your healthy pantry today!


    Keto Sweet Bakes (and Tastes!) Like Sugar, So You Can…
    Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth – without Souring Your Health!

    Do you love indulging in sweet treats… but not the sluggish feeling, blood sugar imbalances, weight gain and health issues that can come along with it?

    What if you could enjoy all of your favorite desserts again – from flaky pies and moist muffins… to decadent cakescheesecakesbrowniescookiesice cream and more…

    Without worrying about your waistline, your blood sugar, or your health?

    Well, now you can!

    With Keto Sweet, you can sweeten any beverage and bring all your favorite desserts back to the table… without added sugars, harmful chemicals or other weird ingredients!

    And to help you enjoy this product, we created two FREE recipe collections.

    Inside the Miracle Mix Bakebook and Paleo & Keto Candies, you’ll find dozens of decadent sensations with Keto Sweet as a starring ingredient, including…

    Chocolate Chip Cookies… Paleo Blondies… Magic 7-Layer Bars… Chocolate Glazed Donuts… Pound Cake… Coffee Cake… Caramel-Coconut Shortbreads… Keto "Apple" Hand Pies... Keto Cream Cheese Danish... Strawberry Shortcake… Nut Butter Cookies… Chocolate Mint Cookies…

    Plus, healthy versions of your candy-shop favorites, like…

    Pecan & Chocolate Toffee… Sugar-Free Homemade Marshmallows… Chewy Caramel-Filled Chocolates… Nut Butter Fudge… Salted Caramel Almond Brittle… Dark Chocolate Turtles… Joyous Almond Coconut Bars… Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups… and more!

    Claim your FREE COPIES of these healthy recipe books…

    And be sure to add Keto Sweet to your pantry today!

    How to Use Keto Sweet

    Keto Sweet™ all-purpose sweetener is two times sweeter than sugar.

    So, you need less to achieve the perfect sweetness. When a recipe calls for a cup of sugar, use one-half cup Keto Sweet™ for the same great taste.

    It also dissolves quickly in your favorite beverages – including coffee, tea, hot chocolate, smoothies and more! It is best to sweeten beverages to taste. Add a little and have a taste. If it needs more, add until desired sweetness is reached.

    Use Keto Sweet™ to make:

    • Chewy Cookies
    • Moist & Decadent Cakes
    • Rich & Creamy Ice Cream
    • Carb-Conscious Cocktails
    • Sauces, Dressings & More!

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